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  The home of new and pre-loved records, tapes and compact discs.

Movie Magazine Covers from New Zealand's past ... the biggest "Playdate" and 1st Issue
of Music Magazine "NZ Pop Scene". Ah, the memories ..... Do you know who everyone is?

O.K., this is NZ's first big female Pop Star, Rochelle Vincent.
She had several big hits for HMV but most remember her for her 1964 smash hit ...
"My Boyfriend Got A Beatle Haircut". (Photo courtesy Rochelle. Pop Scene merged with Teen Beat Magazine in ealy 1965, which was replaced by Groove when it folded in Oct 1968.) And the
Editor/Publisher formed Tree Records in 1969. Small world, huh?

That "famous" Virgin Label in full living colour.  We have a few different "Virgins" floating about in stock. Green & b&w versions and the black and white versions come in from time to time, and usually go out just as fast.